Asake opens up on why he broke up with his girlfriend after becoming a star

The award-winning performer, best known for his single “Lonely at the Top,” revealed that he had a girlfriend before becoming famous.
According to the singer, when he received a large paycheck for his music, he was so excited to tell her how much he made that he chose to give her N2 million as a gift.

Asake expressed surprise at his girlfriend’s refusal of the N2 million, stating that she thought it was too tiny in comparison to his large gains from his hefty paycheck.

The musician voiced concern, stating that he was worried by the lady’s surprising behavior, especially given her lowly upbringing. He made it clear that he did not expect her to react in this way.

Asake also revealed that he discussed the problem with Olamide, who encouraged him to end his relationship with the girl and instead give the money to his mother.

He stated that he gave his mother the N2 million, and that she is now self-sufficient and no longer relies on him for financial support.

Asake stated, “When I got my first significant income from music, I was so delighted that I told my girlfriend. I told her how much I made, and the next day I handed her 2 million naira as a gift.

To my amazement, she declined, claiming that $2 million was insufficient in comparison to the amount I had earned. I was concerned since this girl comes from a low family, and I never expected her to be like that.

I narrated the scenario to Olamide, who recommended me to leave the girl and transfer the 2 million naira to my mother.
I’m pleased I did since my mother was able to make excellent use of the money by opening a large provision store. My mother no longer calls me for financial difficulties as she is doing well.

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