Despite the economy’s pessimism, Christmas lights bring holiday happiness to Lagos

The Christmas joy is in the air, as seen by the holiday lights that cover the streets and buildings of Nigeria’s commercial metropolis.

Despite this seasonal excitement, Nigerians face obstacles such as high inflation, quadrupled fuel prices, and a much weaker Naira throughout the Christmas season.

On Sunday evening, several landmarks in Lagos lit up for the holiday season, and locals came out to enjoy them.

This year has seen increased living costs and fuel shortages in Nigeria, so the brilliant lights that do not rely on the national energy grid with its frequent power outages were a welcome sight.

Oluwadarasimi Alegi, 13, expressed surprise that the lights could be installed despite the country’s current economic situation.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu implemented economic measures that the administration said would boost the economy and attract more foreign investment during his six-month tenure.

Those changes, which included the elimination of costly gas subsidies, have instead exacerbated the plight of many in the West African country, where skyrocketing inflation of 27.3% is already straining families.

According to economic observers, Nigeria may need to scrawl for a bit before things start to improve economically.

The Christmas decorations visible in prominent Lagos areas will be up until mid-January.

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