Atiku was one of the main zoning opponents, according to Wike in the PDP crisis

When the PDP presidential candidate was quoted as suggesting he would resign if the party was zoned to a particular area, Wike was responding.

Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State, has criticized Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate, for the party’s failure to zone its presidential ticket to the South.

Given that both Atiku and Senator Iyorchia Ayu are from the north, Wike has been categorically opposed to Ayu’s continued leadership of the PDP.

On Monday, Wike responded to a comment attributed to the PDP presidential candidate that he would resign if the party was zoned to a particular area during a live appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily.

The Rivers governor rejected such a claim as untrue and asserted that Ayu’s party had prevented zoning from happening.

“‘He would have resigned,'” What was he doing at that time, an elder statesman? This is what we dislike, as you can see: “He would have resigned if the party had,” Wike stated.

When have you established a plan where the party cannot zone? You were the ones that objected to the party zone (sic). He was a leading opponent of zoning, which goes against the constitution’s spirit.

“Thus, to whom is he addressing his statement that he would have resigned? They obstructed it because they opposed it being zoned.

When have you implemented a plan where the party is unable to zone? You were the ones that opposed zoning the celebration (sic). He was a vocal opponent of zoning, which goes against the letter of the law.

“But who is he talking to when he says that he would have resigned? They obstructed its zoned status by sabotaging it.

A zoning committee was established today. You made it available for individuals to come and purchase forms starting tomorrow. What had you accomplished at that point? You returned to explain, “Oh, because folks have bought forms, there’s no need,” once everyone had completed their purchases, he remarked.

You believe that people lack intelligence. You think you’re too intelligent. How was it possible that after creating a committee to examine the zoning of the President’s office today, you opened the gates for people to purchase forms the following day?

In response to criticism of his supporter, Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom, Wike said that despite having been appointed to lead the zoning committee set up by the PDP National Working Committee (NWC), he had no say in the matter.

“Their hands were tied. What do you do at that stage? Somebody has picked a form; do you want to tell them they should withdraw, knowing that that is their strategy, thinking that they can play on everybody? Now, see where we are,” he said.

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