Berlin protester says she is demonstrating because “There is a racism problem in Germany”

The nationwide George Floyd protests have inspired a range of solidarity protests around the world — and in Germany, protesters are taking the opportunity to highlight the issue of racism in their own country.

Protesters in Berlin are also demonstrating against police brutality and racism — but they’re using a different tactic by holding silent demonstrations and wearing black in tribute of Floyd.

“I am here because there is a¬†racism problem in Germany,” said one protester. “That’s so in the whole world,¬†but especially here in Germany.¬†If you are black, brown, or just¬†not white in Germany, then you¬†experience racism.¬†That is quite normal — almost every day.”

Police asked the estimated 1,500 people present to maintain social distancing while they protest to minimize the risk of Covid-19 exposure.

Solidarity in German sports: At multiple German Bundesliga soccer matches on Saturday, players from several teams demonstrated their solidarity with with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Bayern Munich, the league’s top team, wore shirts during warmups that said “Rot Gegen Rassismus (Reds¬†Against Racism) #BLACKLIVESMATTER,” and some wore “Black Lives Matter” armbands durinig the match.

Later at the match between Borussia Dortmund and Hertha¬†Berlin, both teams knelt prior to kickoff for a moment of silence.¬†Dortmund players wore shirts during warmups that said “No Justice, No Peace,” and other messages against racism.

Source CNN

Berlin protester says she is demonstrating because "There is a racism problem in Germany"

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