Bimbo Ademoye’s song “What Will Happen If My Daddy Cries On My Wedding Day”

Bimbo Ademoye, a Nollywood actress, teased her father in jest as she raved about their relationship in a social media post. The thespian, who has frequently discussed their closeness, questions whether her father would have the strength to let her go on her wedding day.

If her father sobs on the day of her wedding, she will allegedly return home with him, and the family will continue to reschedule the wedding until the father is ready to release her.

“Everyone should just go home if my dad cries on my wedding day,” she said, “since I’m going back home with my dad. If he is strong enough to let me go, we shall continue to reschedule the wedding. “#just joking, mi o fi daddy mi sere mehn”
VJ Adams and Bimbo Ademoye Make Their Relationship Public
In the meantime, VJ Adams and Bimbo Ademoye, two Nigerian video jockeys, have made their romance public.

Online rumors of the pair’s romance circulated in 2022, but neither of them denied or verified the information.

But on today, February 4, 2023, VJ Adams gave Bimbo a big surprise on her 32nd birthday, leaving her speechless.

Adams invited her family to the unexpected private party since he knew how much she loved her family.

Bimbo was rendered dumbfounded by his impressive move in the video he released online as she gazed in wonder at him.

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