Four political parties in Tunisia have warned of a possible return to violence in the country following President Kais Saied’s controversial power grab

The warning took place during a press conference on Tuesday in the capital, Tunis. It follows last week’s suspension of parts of the constitution by the President who is now ruling by decree. One of the party leaders accused the president of a constitutional coup.”Today we are living in a time of illegitimacy and we have issued a joint statement after the December 22 decisions. We consider that the president has made a constitutional coup” accused Ghazi Chaouachi, secretary of Democratic Current.

Economist and former minister Fadhel Abdelkefi, whose party Afek Tounes has two seats in the frozen assembly, warned of an impending disaster for Tunisia’s already suffering economy.

“Lebanon can no longer import anything; neither wheat, nor sugar, nor oil. Electricity and water are still cut off. I hope that we will never experience this in Tunisia. He spoke of a wheel that is spinning out of control and I will use the same metaphor to remind him that we are still on the highway and that we risk finding ourselves with unpaid loans”, said Fadhel Abdelkefi

President Kais Saied controversial move follows years of political deadlock exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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