‘I saw wickedness from family members.’ – Nigerian Actress

Tricia Eseigbe, a Nollywood actress, has pondered on the evilness she and her husband, Kingsley Kelly, had encountered in recent years from trusted family members, friends, and domestic workers.
The actress revealed this in an Instagram post on Wednesday, December 20, while celebrating her wedding anniversary.

She also praised God for displaying mercy and love to her family, as well as true friends, colleagues, and well-wishers who came through for them throughout the years.

“What can I say?” she wrote. Throughout the years, a lot of wickedness has occurred, from trusted family members to ungrateful staff we raised to domestic help who we gave space but wanted to occupy the entire house to friends who we supported and were there for when there was nothing but showed their awful colors just when they saw tiny oil wells that they didn’t know were shallow.

“Today, I thank God Almighty for bringing us this far and for showing us so much love and mercy.” Lord, take all the praise for all your favors, testimonies, and miracles. Thank you, especially, for your constant presence.

“Thank you also to all of our genuine well-wishers, family, friends, colleagues, fans, and, of course, our amazing clients over the years.” We adore you. Happy wedding anniversary, #THEKERRYS. Thank God, we’re still standing. #ItcanonlybeGOD.”

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