They Said I Was A Disgrace To Women, People Are So Heartless, Annie Idibia

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia has spoken out about some difficult situations she had as a result of her family’s family’s issues.

Idibia claims that she suffered from emotional abuse and mockery, which had an impact on her personally.

Innocent Idibia, also known as Tuface, was allegedly having an affair with one of his baby mamas, Pero Adeniyi, according to the angry wife of Tuface.

The actor frequently used social media to vent about her unhappy marriage, which she blamed on her husband’s alleged infidelity and his family’s alleged lack of support for the actress.
However, in remarks made during the Young, Famous & African reality show’s second season,

Mrs Idibia claimed that the scandals around her gained prominence because people want to hear bad news about her and her husband. She said, “People want to believe the bad story, they want to believe the worst. They think it’s Annie they are bashing, they think it’s Innocent.

“They come and they tell me, ‘you are a disgrace to women.’ People…People are heartless.”

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