Minnesota governor: “We have flattened the curve more than any other state”

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz held a news conference today extending the state’s stay-at-home order and public accommodation order to May 4.

The governor said they plan to use the time to expand testing, and went on to say that “we have flattened the curve more than any other state.”

When asked about schools, the governor said, “It’s unlikely students will go back to school on May 4, but I won’t close the door on that.”

Walz said school is “likely done for the year.”

Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said there were 85 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, raising the number to 1,154. There were also five new deaths, for a total of 39.

Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Steve Grove said there was good news on the unemployment insurance front.

Grove said he believes Minnesota is the first, or among the first states, to process the $600 from the Federal Cares Act. The recipients could see that money as early as later this week, Grove added.

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