New York City needs more military medical help in hospitals, mayor says

Nearly 300 military medical personnel have been deployed throughout New York City’s public hospitals, but additional help is needed “quickly,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a press briefing today.

“We just need more help, particularly when it comes to personnel,” de Blasio said, reiterating his request of 1,450 medical military personnel from the federal government.

“The front line healthcare workers have gone through hell, but they’ve held the line, they’ve been heroes in every way.”

There are 291 highly trained and effective medical personnel, “many of them with the kind of military experience that makes them very, very ready to handle the toughest situations” are deployed in the city’s public hospitals.

The Navy has deployed personnel to Elmhurst, Bellevue, Woodhull and Kings County hospitals, and the Air Force has sent members to Lincoln, Jacobi, and Queens hospital.

“Very grateful that our armed forces have come forward to help our public hospitals, but we will need more help and we need it quickly,” de Blasio said.

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