Nollywood Actress Reveals: I Can Marry A G@y Man

Seyi Hunters, a Nollywood actress, has declared that she can marry a gay man.
The rising Yoruba thespian revealed this during an interview with her colleague, Abiola Adebayo, on her YouTube show, Talk To B.

Seyi indicated that she is willing to marry a gay man as long as he is honest about his sexuality.

According to her, most homosexual men are secretive about their sexuality and want children, which is why many marry and conceal their true status from their spouse.

Seyi went on to say that she may not have sex with her gay partner because they can have children through surrogacy or IVF.
She said, “I can marry a gay man.”

There are some men who like men but want to have kids, they want children. So many Nigerian gays are closet gay, some of them marry women, without them knowing they are gay. “Personally, if it’s something we can talk about, I can marry such. We don’t have to have sex, we can use surrogates or IVF.”

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