Oyebode-The President Needs To Rejig His Kitchen Cabinet

A professor of law, Akin Oyebode, says there is the need for President Muhammadu Buhari to reorganise his cabinet.

He recalled that it took the President six months to appoint ministers in his first term, stressing that such a delay should be avoided this time around.

Professor Oyebode, who was a guest on The Inauguration on Channels Television, believes that without any change, there won’t be any significant difference between the President’s second term and the last four years of his administration.

He said, “It seems we are in for more of the same. There’s not going to be any dramatic shift in the way we carry on or the way the President runs his government.

“I think the President needs to rejig his kitchen cabinet. His advisers have to advise him on the propriety of action. This doesn’t take the people into account.”

The professor also faulted the absence of a speech by the President after he took the oath of office for a second.

He, however, said he understood the Presidents decision for a low-key inauguration on the grounds that there may not be a need to over-celebrate when his victory was being challenged at the Election Petitions Tribunal.

Professor Oyebode said, “Maybe he is still suffering from the problem of the judicial because the matter of his presidency is hanging in the air and so, he might not want to overdo it because the court still has to decide.”

Talking about electoral jurisprudence, Professor Oyebode condemned the trend where, according to him, the court now takes ‘very interesting drastic position’ on electoral matters.

“The judges are now replacing themselves from the electorate. It seems the judges now decide who holds political office; it’s not a good day for Nigerian democracy,” he said.

The professor made the comments shortly after the Acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Mohammed Tanko, administered the oath of office on President Buhari.

The President was inaugurated shortly after Justice Tanko swore in the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

source Channels

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