Startup Nigeria Incubation Program 2019 | APPLY NOW

We are Glad to say that Nigerian Startups are on the verge to take the global Entrepreneurship Stage. The Startup Nigeria Incubation Program is an Opportunity many Local Startups in Nigeria can Explore.
The Incubation Program for Nigerian Startups is a 3 months Intensive Training Program aimed at Supporting Top notch and Innovative Startup Ideas across Nigeria. The Incubation Involves Startup Seed Funding, Cutting Edge Mentorship and Top Level Training On Business Growth and Sustainability.

The Main Idea is to see Innovative Companies lead the way for the new Nigeria that has been envisioned for years. The Time is here for the emergences of the Top CEOs and Coaches of Industries.
The Startup Nigeria Program curriculum is specifically designed to move companies from ideas to viable products/services.

Am I Eligible To Apply for the Startup Nigeria Program?

The 2019 Startup Nigeria Program will target Nigerian startups in the North West, North Central and South East geopolitical zones.
The North West States Include: Jigawa, Katsina, Kaduna, Kano, Kebbi, Sokoto Zamfara
The North Central States Include Niger, Kwara, FCT, Benue, Kogi, Plateau, Nasarawa
The South East States Include Imo, Anambra, Enugu, Abia, Ebonyi

The Startup Nigeria Program promises to provide owners of Businesses in this zone the needed grounds to excel with a specially designed Work Plan to help idea and early-stage entrepreneurs find their footing and grow in Nigeria’s socio-economic terrain.

What do I Stand To Gain from Startup Nigeria

T.he Program for Nigerians promises to be a huge one for Business Starters. The Benefits of the Startup Nigeria Program include:

Training: The startup Program is designed to help companies quickly validate their core hypothesis, build products and services users love and gain traction.

Mentorship: The program provides us with the opportunity to meet with Mentors to accelerate business growth and help entrepreneurs succeed faster.

Seed funding: At the end of the Startups Program, The Participants receive investment to help move their ideas forward and support on future fundraising. The Fund will be disbursed based on the financial involvement of your Idea.

Program Timeline

All Applications starts online from the 27th May – 17th June 2019. There will be an Organized Virtual Training for Successful Candidates from the 8th – 26th July 2019

Kindly Apply now

The office of the Vice President has just launched a program tagged STARTUP Nigeria 2019. It’s meant for the unemployed. To apply visit
Let’s our youth apply. It closes on 17th June.

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