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The full package includes access to the online Inspire your mind and feed your soul with the only subscription that will challenge you with innovative built work and reflections on the purpose About Lagmen Net and its relationship to the wider world but should also be a thorough,good, read and beautifully designed because  knowledge only goes so far . Intelligence, experience and damning criticisms they may have, a monopoly on the truth they do not. Sometimes the best tutor is the one who tells you to design the blue house so you become even more determined to design the red one. Listen carefully and understand their point of view but take what your tutors say with a pinch of salt. Be the part of the  team  today we are looking forward to make work easy to go round the world, purpose ,achievement , goals Travel often with an open mind. Understand cultures and traditions different to your own. That doesn’t necessarily mean jet setting around the world or hitchhiking to Morocco. Wherever you are based there will be a myriad of unfamiliar communities and landscapes within easy reach. Get to know the country you are studying in better – even if you grew up there. Also I don’t think you can be good in life without acknowledging the part of you that isn’t good.

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