This Arizona gym owner says he will not follow governor’s closure order

Mountainside Fitness CEO Tom Hatten said he will not heed the Arizona governor’s order to close his gyms.

“We are going to stay open until we have our day in court, which is Monday morning,” Hatten said at a news conference Friday.

He said he objected to the lack of “fairness and transparency” in the new order. Hatten went on to say that the order is more about “making it look like we’re doing something.”

Hatten, who has a hearing in his lawsuit against Gov. Doug Ducey Monday, said that he will respect the decision of the court.

“If we are allowed a stay, we will move forward until our full case is heard,” he said. “If the court does not allow us stay, we will comply and respect the court’s decision.”

LifeTime, the other gym that has been defying closure orders, has announced it will temporarily close.

“After connecting with the offices of the governor and the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services this morning and, out of respect for the Governor, we are shutting down the indoor fitness portion of our clubs as of now through Monday evening,” a LifeTime spokesperson said in a statement.

This Arizona gym owner says he will not follow governor's closure order

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