We Don’t Want Bloodshed In Nigeria Again – CAN President

Reverend Ayokunle who spoke to journalists at the end of the three-day special fasting and prayer for Nigeria on Sunday, asked the government to up their game because their best is not enough.

“My message to Nigerians and the government is to urge the administration to up their game on the issues of insecurity.

“They said they are trying but their best is not the best; daily bloodshed is happening and we cannot be playing politics with the lives of men and women, they have the right to live and when they are dying, we cannot keep quiet.

We don’t want bloodshed in Nigeria again,” he stressed.

The CAN President also called on the security heads to adopt a more modern approach in fighting crime, insisting that there is no reason why a victim will stay for days in the hands of kidnappers.

“We want to urge the security chiefs, in this day of technology; there is no reason why anybody will be with kidnappers for more than three days because through technology that God has given us in the world today, we can monitor anyone anywhere by satellite and through other means.

What is the Nigerian security and defence doing that people will be kept against their will, be in incarceration and allowed to die or their relatives paying ransom in other to deliver their people.”

He called on politicians to stop using the lives of people to play politics and when there is an eventual stop to the bloodshed in the country, the government will get a commendation.

“The essence of government is to rise up to such nonsense and bring an end to it; Nigerians are very tired, if anybody is telling the government that they are doing their best, that person is not telling the truth.

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