What The Late Singer’s Mother Shared About Her Wife, Wunmi

The mother of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad, also known as Ilerioluwa Aloba, Abosede, claimed that her son had spoken well of Olawunmi, his wife.
According to Abosede, who spoke with PUNCH about her unexpected death, she became closer to her son just before it happened, and he never showed his disapproval of Wunmi or hinted that she was cheating on him.

The late singer’s mother claims that a lot of people are cyberbullying Olawunmi due to the perception that the public held of Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba.

“My son never said anything bad about her to me,” the woman remarked. Before he passed away, I grew closer to my son, and he never said anything unfavorable to me regarding her.

People are criticizing her because of the way Mohbad’s father has presented her to the world, giving the impression that she was involved in her husband’s demise. However, that is untrue. Wunmi herself produced the audio tape of her disagreement with Mohbad that was posted the day my kid passed away. She told me that she intended to play it back to Mohbad, who had always denied ever speaking to her in that way, when I asked her why she had done that.

“After a National Drug Law Enforcement Agency officer struck my son’s head with a gun and gave him a drink, my son developed paranoia.”

A blogger received the recording from a person close to them. In fact, I forewarned Wunmi and my son about those individuals, but they disregarded my advice.
Following the NDLEA scandal, a number of things occurred. I was always on the run, so I didn’t get much sleep.”

Abosode also refuted rumors that Wunmi and the late singer were at odds over the singer’s belongings, emphasizing that Mohbad’s father wanted ownership of his son’s assets.

“I feel like Mohbad’s father wants to control everything my son left behind as the family’s head,” the woman remarked. It has escaped his notice that laws exist.

He is after them because my son’s attorney refused to comply with his demands. He most likely believes that if he tells lies to the public about them, Wunmi will become weary and quit everything, and the attorney would become irate as well.

She added that Wunmi had never objected to having her son Liam tested for DNA to establish his genuine paternity and that she was unable to introduce Liam to Mohbad’s father because of the internet bullying.

“She would rather allow the court to choose who will administer the test, so that they won’t alter the results,” she continued.

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