What the protests look like tonight in New York and Los Angeles

In New York City, the mood was light today after Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted in the morning that the city’s curfew was lifted, effective immediately.

Protesters still took to the streets; in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, about 4,000 to 5,000 gathered to demonstrate. Things remained peaceful all day, said CNN Correspondent Bill Weir, adding that he had been “listening to police scanners all throughout the day where the word “orderly” was repeated again and again.”

People also celebrated news that two NYPD officers have been suspended without pay after using excessive force during the protests, and that the city will move some funding away from the NYPD toward youth and social services.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, protesters organized a car caravan rally. Hundreds of people who couldn’t participate in the long marches — the elderly, those with disabilities or pre-existing conditions — drove their cars together from Compton to the Los Angeles police department headquarters.

Many of them had signs hanging out their window or slogans painted on the side of their cars, like “No justice, no peace” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Source CNN

What the protests look like tonight in New York and Los Angeles

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