According to the Presidency, power supply has improved during Buhari’s government

According to presidential advisor Femi Adesina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has improved Nigeria’s power condition.

When answering questions on Channels Television’s Politics Today, Adesina stated that the situation has improved in comparison to what was previously possible.

He explained that some transformers and power equipment had arrived in Nigeria as a result of the government’s agreement with Siemens in an effort to guarantee a greater supply of electricity.

“Since the start of this administration, Nigerians can’t claim that there hasn’t been any improvement in the availability of energy. I had mentioned that recently, under the Siemens agreement, some transformers entered the nation. That doesn’t mean there isn’t progress; there is movement, and it will result in the country having more power, he stated on the program.

Nigerians are already benefiting from improved electricity supplies in several areas of the nation, and things will only get better.

“We have a contract with Siemens that is currently moving forward. We have been witnessing the importation of various kinds of transformers and electrical equipment for a few weeks, albeit at times it has been slow. You can count on development, I promise.

“President Buhari is adamant that considerable progress in providing energy and power to Nigerians will be made before he leaves office in 2023, and whatever it takes to do it, he would do.”



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