Actor in Nollywood Posts Image Of Snake Sent To Attack Him At Midnight

Nollywood actor and producer Kelvin Chizzy recently shared on social media about a snake that broke into his home at midnight.
The actor revealed that a black-skinned snake invaded his home in the middle of the night and attacked him in images of the snake.

He also asked the animal why it was there because he thought it was there to hurt him.

He was heard stating on a video, “Who sent you, you are mad, I will burn you with fuel, you are mad good well.”

He wrote, “I say make I post this one, I been no Dey post before but I’m angry right now,” after burning the snake. You Dey come locate your grandfather for my house at midnight, even get the nerve to enter my living room. Ya Malu Ya, Ife Onye Ma.

I’m a child of the All-Powerful God, which they may not have adequately explained to you. We will live since our Redeemer lives.

Son of Chikagba, Only Son of Okafor, Son of Ezeagha, and EzeDike’s Offspring.

“Mgbuo Gi, Gi Oku Mgbaa…
I am not capping!

See photo of the snake below.

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