Almajirai: Let The Children Live, PAN Pleads

In a communique on Monday, PAN said various reports suggest that most of the children have been treated unfairly, adding that certain measures said to be put in place to ensure proper care for the almajirai has seen the children become victims instead of beneficiaries .

The health body demanded that the children be given the appropriate tender care that they deserve, stressing that the governments of the states in north must not just see the children as mere humans, but as the most vulnerable in the society.

According to PAN, the almajirai are persons who play no role and cannot take responsibility of adults and leaders that have led to the current situation within the region.

PAN urged all concerned state governments to further engage and resolve any disagreement that may exist, with the view of putting the interest of the almajirai as top priority.

While commending all who have been involved in responsible exercises

of moving the children, the PAN urged corporate bodies including non-governmental organisations, to assist the state governments in resettling the almajirai in their various homes and to provide them with optimal opportunities, decent and safe environment and quality education.


Below is a copy of the health body’s communique.

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