At Easter, Tinubu Calls for Unity and Compassion and Laments the Sacrifices of Nigerians

As they celebrate Easter, President Bola Tinubu has sent his felicitations to Christians in Nigeria and around the globe.

Easter is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It also represents Christ’s triumph over death and sin.

In a statement released on Friday, Tinubu urged Christians to embrace the love, sacrifice, and compassion that are typical of the holiday to commemorate it.

Presidential spokesman Ajuri Ngelale issued a statement saying, “The President warmly greets Christians in Nigeria and around the world on this occasion, emphasising love, sacrifice, and compassion as the patent themes of this solemn season.”

“President Tinubu notes that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for humanity is an emphatic lesson for leaders and all Nigerians to yield to selflessness and compassion, and be steadfast in the pursuit of a united, peaceful, and prosperous nation.”

President Tinubu’s government has implemented a number of measures that have an impact on the general public and the economy since taking office in May.

gasoline prices tripled and living expenses increased as a result of Tinubu’s removal of currency restrictions and gasoline subsidies last year, which also saw the naira plummet against the dollar. The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) reported that the rate of inflation was 31.70 percent.

Nonetheless, Tinubu claims that the reforms will increase foreign investment in Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, therefore the current administration has constantly asked Nigerians to exercise patience.

The President praised Nigerians’ tenacity and sacrifices in his Easter speech, stating that they are essential to the country’s economic development.

The President assures Nigerians that the patience they have sown is starting to sprout and will soon produce an abundance of good fruits. He also commends Nigerians for the sacrifices they have made over the past few months to guide their country toward recovery and sustainable growth.

The statement said, “President Tinubu assures all citizens that Nigeria will triumph over its challenges as his administration remains firmly committed to this end. Christians celebrate the victory of life over death as exemplified by the resurrection of Christ.”

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