Banky W tells his wife, “You Were Worth Waiting For, I Will Love You Forever”

Celebrity Nigerian musician Banky W has celebrated his wife Adesua Etomi’s birthday on social media as she turns one year older.
The politician called Adesua the “bestest wife” and declared that he would still select her if he had to do it all over again.

He complimented his wife on all of her abilities and said that she was the strongest and most attractive person he had ever met.

The singer continued by promising to adore her indefinitely.

“Happy birthday to the love of my life,” he added. The greatest wife and mother.

“If I had to start over, I would pick you twice. This had to be how it feels to win the lotto.

You’re kind and genuine. My heartbeat, my sunlight. My place of safety. You improve the quality of my world. I appreciate your unwavering support in growing my mustard seed of faith.

“You’re the most gorgeous, gifted, and resilient person I’ve ever met, hands down. You’re sweet and funny. I am privileged to have you as a part of my family.

“The class captain of our gym. The queen of our family. My amala-eating, Korean-film-obsessed local girl. Michelle Obama, of mine. Myself, Cardi B. Julia Roberts, of mine. My name is Kelly Tori. Meryl Streep of mine. My baby, my dearest friend, and my sugar mommy.

“It was worth waiting for you.” I will always and forever be in love with you. You are a living example of God’s love for me. I genuinely, sincerely, deeply adore you.

“Happy birthday, @adesuaetomi, sweetie.”

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