Biden receives a Covid booster injection update

In preparation for winter, President Joe Biden received an updated Covid-19 vaccination booster shot on Tuesday and urged Americans to do the same. He claimed that no one needed to perish from the once-devastating illness.

Biden, 79, caught the coronavirus three months ago but only experienced minor symptoms. By the end of March, he had already received a second vaccination booster.

His modified shot, administered in front of reporters at the White House, targets two viral subvariants.

Prior to the busiest travel times around Thanksgiving and the end of the year, Biden announced initiatives to increase the number of Americans immunized with the new vaccine.

I’m calling on all Americans… to get their shot just as soon as they can,” he said. “There’s still hundreds of people dying each day from Covid, hundreds. That number’s likely to rise this winter, but… this year, nearly every death is preventable.”

Biden said the government and major pharmacy chains, whose leaders joined him on stage to witness the injection, were working together to make sure that the booster was widely available and free of charge.

“Almost everyone who will die from Covid this year will not be up to date on the shots” or have taken the government-funded therapeutics when they get infected, he underlined.

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