Bobrisky, the best-dressed controversy, says that women have no choice but to accept him as a member of the sisterhood

Idris Okuneye, often known as Bobrisky, is a controversial transvestite who has drawn criticism from females over his gender identity.

Following the announcement by the Ajakaju movie premiere organizers that Bobrisky had won the female best-dressed category, social media went wild.

In response to the fury, film producer Eniola Ajao clarified that the purpose of the best-dressed female category award was to incite controversy as a publicity stunt.

In a now-viral live Instagram session, Bobrisky responded to the women who had criticized him after he won the award, saying that they had no choice but to accept him as one of their own.

“Someone is asking me, Bobrisky, are you a woman, are you this, are you that?,” he remarked. I’m not here to engage in debate. I should respect others by not only looking at my body or opening it to let them see what they want to see. The first rule is to respect others’ preferences for how they are addressed.

“I’ve noticed a number of women coming out with various statements. I won’t make fun of anyone. I adore females. Since women are the most powerful gender in the world, I won’t be coming here to tell you guys that you have no option because, well, they are this and that. I must be welcomed into the sisterhood by you.

Can you hear me? There isn’t anything you guys can do. Deal with that; I already belong to the sisterhood.

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