Bobrisky: ‘Police summons Nollywood actor, Femi Adebayo’

Femi Adebayo, a Nollywood actor, is apparently being questioned about the ‘Best-Dressed’ female award given to controversial Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye, also known as Bobrisky.
Dayo Amusa, Femi’s colleague, revealed this during a live Instagram session while discussing the controversy surrounding the award, which has sparked an online brawl.

According to Dayo, Femi Adebayo was summoned by police and the Muslim community for championing LGBTQ rights in Nigeria.

The actor also attacked Femi’s wife’s allegations that she is envious of her husband’s career, calling such thoughts shallow.

Dayo also stated that Femi’s wife, Aladuke, has the right to defend her husband without insulting her.

She said, “I initially claimed I wasn’t going to say anything, but at this point, I’m going to talk. Let me start with the origins of this dilemma; I will not retract my statement that Bobrisky did not deserve to win Best Dressed. I understand that there is a reaction to every action, and I have no control over anyone else’s reactions.

“Aladuke, the wife of Femi Adebayo, me and you haven’t had a problem till now, and I said I liked how you supported your husband, but the way you handled it, calling me names, made me think you were shallow-minded.

And I want to believe your husband did not draw your attention to our chat. He phoned me this morning and said he thought my post was just a cruise, but others were taking it too far, and I reminded him that we have no control over how others react.

“He said Muslim communities are calling his attention to it and that police have invited him for questioning that he was promoting gay.”

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