Bobrisky’s ‘Best Dressed Female’ Award Is Just A Joke, Says Eniola

Nollywood Actress and filmmaker, Eniola Ajao, has said that the Best Dressed Female Award given to cross-dresser, Bobrisky, was a joke.

In an interview with Arise TV host, Kachi, Ajao apologised to Nigeians, stating that the award was to drive publicity for her movie, ‘Ajakaju’.’

She said, “It was just all jokes, you know. We just want to have fun. We want people to talk because we need the film to be in the faces of people.

“I have been taking it upon myself to protect the image of a lot of people at the same time I have been doing it all alone, by myself, and I was not getting help. So, I said, “What can we do for people to talk about this film?” And we decided to give it to Bob, Bob is always a controversial person.

“At the end of the day, people started talking about it, but some people are not happy, and they are trying to come against Femi Adebayo. Adebayo was not aware of so many things that were going on, I only called him to help me announce it.

“I see people online saying we are not going to watch the film, I am begging you guys it was all jokes, and Femi Adebayo knows nothing about what happened at the premier.

“I was not seeing it from the angle of people are going to get upset that Bob is a male. I just want to say I am sorry, I love our culture, I love our tradition, I love women out there.”

Okuneye Idris, known as Bobrisky, contested among other women and won the award of Best Dressed Female at the premier of ‘Ajakaju,’ on Sunday, March 25, 2024.

The award, which was given immediately to Bobrisky with a cash prize, attracted a lot of controversies from Nigerians on social media.


Credit: X | ARISEtv

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