Central African musical artists are now opting for a change through new musical sounds

A musical event was organized in Bangui recently by a famous Central African artist by the name Idylle MAMBA who is advocating for traditional musical instruments to transmit ancestral messages.

“We are trying to create in a way that will show the Central African Republic in a different way. It is really a work of creation, research, documentation, safeguarding of heritage and valorization of heritage,” Vincent Mambatchaka, artistic director said.

The musical sound here is not just a coincidence. These local groups chosen by the Mamba and the organizers of this show come from a region known as Hippy located in the North East of the Central African Republic, the cradle of the country’s traditional history.

The essence of this event was also to promote some of the instruments based derived from tree trunks, roots and modern instruments in order to bring the forgotten tradition towards modernity.

These traditional sounds were particularly different from the usual music played at the current time.

The group Roots and Rhythms has been selected to perform at the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris at the Champs Elysées on 19 September, as part of the Africa 2020 season initiated by the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron.

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