How Celebrities Should Be Handled When Their S3x Tapes Are Leaked Online – Michaela Stephen

Monalisa Stephen, a Nollywood actress and content creator, has stated that celebrities whose sex recordings are released online should be treated with love.

According to Naija News, the controversial actress made this statement shortly after the sex tape of her colleague Moyo Lawal and her ex-fiance became viral online last week.

Monalisa told PUNCH that people should realize that even famous people experience romantic ups and downs just like everyone else.

She said that because the victims of a leaked s3x tape are going through a difficult period, people shouldn’t point the finger at them.

People don’t realize that celebrities are also people, she remarked. They experience love rebounds. They experience the same things that everyone else does. The only distinction is that they are well-liked. The individual who disclosed a sex tape that two adults made should take responsibility for doing so.

“I doubt that someone would suddenly decide to purposely expose their sex tapes. It is not a cause for celebration. However, might society be compassionate to the sufferer when something like this happens?

At that time, they would be experiencing a lot physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

They need our love and support, not trolling. We need to continue spreading positivity, as tomorrow is not guaranteed. We need to be kind to people always.”

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