Jay Jay Okocha’s daughter responds to internet user who suggested that she dress appropriately in honor of her father.

The great Nigerian footballer Jay-Jay Okocha’s daughter, Daniella Okocha, responded to a troll who gave her fashion advice.

Okocha revealed in a post on her Instagram page that the troll warned her against dressing revealingly since it was disrespectful to her father.
Because her father is a well-known celebrity around the world, the internet users pushed her to act, sit, and dress decently.

Respect Daddy Jay Jay, girl, said the comment. Act decently, sit decently, and dress decently. The world reveres your father as a legend. One love.

Okocha expressed her love to the internet community by sharing the user’s advice along with pictures of herself at the beach and adding that one love serves as her inspiration for the year.

In the sea, she penned. I love you,”

Actually, my yearly motto is “One love. Haters smd.”
Okocha earned a university degree the previous year. Her father, who appeared to be happy with his daughter’s accomplishment, praised her on social media.

Okocha expressed his congratulations and expressed his pride in his daughter.

He wrote: “Congratulations to my darling daughter, we are so proud of you.”

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