Nollywood actresses avoids death while on the set of a movie

Hadiza Abubakar, a Nollywood actress, thanked Mercy Johnson for sharing her story of a near-death experience on the set of a movie.

She revealed in a post on Instagram that she nearly drowned while everyone at the shooting location thought she was acting.
She claims that only Mercy Johnson and the stuntman on the set were able to help her after noticing that she was having trouble breathing.

“Nearly drowned yesterday while filming on set, but everyone thought I was acting,” she added. After a few seconds, it finally hit them, and I started to get short of breath.

Many thanks to Aunty Mercy Johnson and the stuntman who assisted me out after noticing me for a little while.

Mercy Johnson Addresses Age Fraud Among Nigerians
Mercy Johnson has addressed the issue of age fraud with Nigerians in the meanwhile.

According to Naija News, the actress posted a video on her Instagram page of a great outing with her kids at a Lagos amusement park.

Mercy could be seen in the video rushing next to Divine, her youngest child, as she played in the bounce house.


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