Size                                                                                                location                    price

  1. 3Bed room self back on full plot of land                                  Igando                   15M
  2. 2plot of Land @general B/stop  Facing wit C of o                 Igando                   65M
  3. 2plot of land @general B/stop                                                    Igando                   25M
  4. Half plot of land @college B/stop  with R/S                           Igando                    5M
  5. Half plot of Land wit 3nos of mini Flat&2bed room             Igando                   5.5M
  6. 84Shop on 3plot of Land Akesan B/Stop c of o asking         Akesan                  150M
  7.   Half Plot                                                                                     Isheri olofin Estate     4M
  8. 3Bed Room  self Back With Shop                                            Igando                          12M
  9. Full Plot of Land                                                                           Igando                          10M
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