Men Leave After Sleeping With Me, laments Mandy Kiss

Mandy Ayomiposi Oluwada, better known by her stage as Mandy Kiss, is a Nigerian brand influencer and skit creator who has expressed frustration over having trouble finding real love.

She admitted that after sleeping with her, her suitors frequently end their relationships.

The comedian shared her struggles as a guest on the most recent episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast, which actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, nicknamed Nedu, co-hosts.
Mandy Kiss clarified that all she really wants is someone to adore her.

Unfortunately, despite her wealth and attractiveness, she is still dumped.

She claimed, “It has not been simple for me [to find real love]. I’ve endured a lot of pain. All I desire is joy. All I really want is someone to adore me. I continue to get discarded, though, with both my money and my body.

When they [suitors] arrive, I’ll believe I’ve found the one. They will never stop calling me, and we will converse at night. However, they depart after they have slept with me. My sex tape has put me in danger.
Oderhwo Joseph Efe, popularly known as Carter Efe, a well-known Nigerian skitmaker and content producer, has expressed outrage over a threat to reveal his sex tape.

Naija News reports that this comes a few days after Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal made headlines after her s3x tape surfaced on social media.

Cater Efe claimed in a post on his X account that a blackmailer had threatened to expose a video of his bedroom.

Before the blackmailer distributes the personal footage, the “Machala” crooner claimed he wanted to alert the public.

I am here to openly reveal that I am being blackmailed, he declared in his essay. along with the imminent release of my sex tape.

I’m merely here to inform everyone before it becomes public.

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