‘My Family Distributes Electricity to Many Nigerians’ – DAVIDO

Grammy-nominated artist David Adeleke, also known as Davido, has publicly asserted that his family is in charge of delivering energy to many Nigerians.
Davido said this when chatting on the American podcast ‘Business Untitled.’
Davido discussed his family company, personal investments, and aspirations to open a restaurant with his wife, Chioma.

According to the ‘Unavailable’ singer, his family owns four power plants that make major contributions to Nigeria’s electricity supply.

He explained, “I once wanted to get into cryptocurrencies because Nigeria is big on it. Apart from that, my family and I own about four power plants worth a lot of money. We supply energy to much of Nigeria.

“My wife is like cooking. We’re trying to open a restaurant for her. But my major business is my passion: music.”

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Davido denounces Afrobeats and reveals his music genre.
Meanwhile, Davido has abandoned the ‘Afrobeats’ musical genre.

During an interview on the most recent episode of the Business Untitled Podcast, Davido decried the ‘boxing’ of all African artists within the Afrobeats genre, regardless of musical style.

However, he does not feel upset when everyone has been categorized into such a category, and he likes to term his type of music “Afrofusion.”

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