New York City public school parents have questions after mixed information regarding closures

Parents and staff in New York City public schools say they were sent a notice that schools would be closed through the remainder of the academic year, but have not been updated since New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that was not decided at his press briefing Saturday morning.

Megan Demarkis, a parent coordinator for PS 13 elementary in Brooklyn, told CNN that school staff were sent a notice right before New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press conference also on Saturday where he announced the closure.

A new hours later, Cuomo said decisions on how long to keep schools closed will made in coordination with all New York counties in the city’s metropolitan area — and maybe even with neighboring states like New Jersey and Connecticut.

Staff members say they have not been contacted by the Department of Education since the Cuomo press conference and parents have already started to ask questions on the school’s Facebook page about what is going on.

Schools have put into place plans for a full year closure, but “it would be really nice if our leaders were aligned,” Demarkis says, citing that a full-year closure requires decisions about helping underprivileged families with things like rent and food.

Parents at PS 527 in Manhattan received an email about school closure earlier on Saturday as well, but they have not received a follow-up email.

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