Nigeria: 40 people are missing as a boat capsizes

A boat capsized on the Niger River in northwest Nigeria on Monday, leaving at least 40 passengers missing and thought dead, a local official said Tuesday.

According to Yauri district manager Bala Mohammed, the boat carrying 50 people sank due to high currents, and ten passengers were saved. Bala Mohammed estimated that after a day of searching, the missing persons most likely drowned.

Due to the high water level and strong currents brought on by the wet season, he stated, “the search is challenging.”

In Nigeria, shipwrecks on congested waterways are frequent, especially during the rainy season. They typically result from overcrowded vessels, poor maintenance, or disregard for safety regulations.

Authorities said that a boat carrying more than 100 farmers on the Niger River crashed, leaving at least 24 bodies and 50 persons missing.

Ten people drowned and three went missing after a boat capsized on a lake in northern Nigeria two days ago.

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