Nigeria plans to purchase 3.5 million prepaid power meters by the end of 2024

Nigeria’s Federal Government has declared that it will purchase up to 3.5 million power meters by the end of 2024 in an effort to enhance tax collection in the West African state.

The country’s Ministry of Power, through cabinet secretary Adebayo Adelabu, confirmed this, reiterating the government’s recent decision to purchase more than 10 million meters over the next five years. This will cost the government $946 million.

Nigeria has been facing severe power outages in recent years. President Tinubu’s administration promised to end the impasse.

Nigerians have been complained about the power payment issue, with almost 7 million of the 13 million households lacking these meters.

The energy regulator stated that they got thousands of complaints from diverse families last year alone, accounting for 57% of the complaints.

The administration also vowed to source the meters domestically and abroad.

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