Nigerian rapper, M.I. Abaga, has apologised to fellow musician and producer, Sarz

During the live chat, M.I. narrated how Sarz allegedly ejaculated on himself after he took him out for a drink at a club.

He said, “Sarz had never hung out with anybody in his life. He was just like a tiny little boy. I took him out one day. We went to this place we call Rehab.

“We were buying bottles and he was just so happy. There were also girls around him for the first time.

“I was like, Sarz, be calm, man. You’re Sarz, You’ve made all those beats. He was like shaking… right before we left, I was like, ‘let’s go.’

“But he was sitting down. I tried to find out what was up. Apparently, he had ejaculated while sitting there.”

Blaqbonez laughed during the chat session, but Sarz clearly did not find it funny.

He later took to Twitter to refute the claims, stating that M.I. had stooped low to cook up such a story.

“@MI_Abaga You’re very very Stupid for stooping so low to chat shit on Blaqbonez IG live. Since you think it’s cool to cook up stories and dent my character online then all my respect for you is out the window,” he said.

“I kept it cool and told you last week to recant your statement cos it might get out of hand but you did nothing. Since you want to act like social distancing is playing ludo with your mental health, you’ll hear from me.”

MI. Apolosises To Sarz Over Instagram Live Comment, Says It Was A Joke





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