The parking optimisation company turned to Google to bring its third generation IoT platform to life.

Smart Parking is using Google’s new Cloud IoT Core platform to reinvent the parking experience through use of sensors and advanced data analytics.

The company helps customers including Transport for London, the City of Westminster and Hilton Hotels optimise parking at their sites through vehicle detection sensors that monitor the occupancy of spaces.

These devices generate a vast volume data that can provide increasingly sophisticated insights to businesses and drivers. To cope with the growing quantity of sensors and data and take advantage of the latest developments in data analytics, Smart Parking needed a management platform, and turned to Google’s Cloud IoT Core.

“Now we have a platform that is totally secure,” says John Heard, Smart Parking’s CTO. “It scales from zero to a billion devices on demand and we can place it in any region to regionalise the data that’s available.”

The IoT market

Cloud IoT Core was developed by Google to help businesses in sectors such as utilities, transport and logistics, oil and gas and manufacturing manage their expanding fleets of smart devices and the volume of IoT data they produce, securely, at scale and from a central location.

This data can then be queried using Google’s own range of advanced analytics services.

Smart Parking was one of the early adopters of the platform, which was launched to the public in September.

The result has made major efficiency savings for the company. “It would typically take two to three weeks of configuration and operational acceptance testing,” Heard says. “It’s now taking us about three to four days.

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