Protester in New York: “We do not have to let systemic racism win anymore”

In New York, protesters were still out in big crowds even after the citywide curfew kicked in.

“Listen, we are a peaceful protest. There’s no reason that we should be arrested for being outside peacefully,” one protester named Paris told CNN Correspondent Bill Weir in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.

“You see no looting, you see no rioting … The fact that they would give us a curfew at 8 p.m., they’re trying to control us. They don’t have that right to control us. If we want to speak, if we want to march, we don’t have to be silent.”

Paris led some of the protesters in call-and-response chants, urging them to stay peaceful and stay close.

“United, the people will never be defeated,” the crowd shouted.

“If you’re watching right now, I want you to realize wherever you are right now, you have a voice,” Paris said. “You can speak up. Black lives matter. You do not have to let white supremacy rule anymore. We do not have to let systemic racism win anymore.”

He also addressed the cases of police officers being suspended or charged with excessive force during the protests around the country this past week.

“That’s only happening because of us,” Paris said. “If there was not this type of disturbance, that would not happen at all … They’re listening to us because stuff like this happens in the middle of Manhattan, where thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people don’t have to stand for injustice anymore.”


Protester in New York: "We do not have to let systemic racism win anymore"

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