Reactions to Davido’s Disclosure of His Performance Fees

Nigerian artist Davido stirred up social media after revealing the price of his new performance fees.

This comes after the 30-year-old said that he does fewer shows since he now costs $600,000 in a YouTube video posted by American jewelry brand Icebox over the weekend.

Now that shows cost $600,000, he explained, “it’s actually less because fewer people can afford it.”

Several people have posted on social media in response to his statement.

“If you charge $600K, Odogwu Burna will charge four times that amount,” In an attempt to determine Burna Boy’s pricing, dmoneygamer7509 remarked, “OluwaBurna is on an other level.
David too sabi exaggerate, said a another user named Baddawrites.

He deserves it because he has worked hard for it. The price tag suits his hard work, another user noted, noting that artists like Jay Z, Drake, and Beyoncé charge in the millions.

“You definitely know he’s capping about the shows price,” wrote Wealthcreationtips.

I adore David so much, wrote Mindboggler2.O. He mentions his numbers in a way that I find offensive. We all know he is the richest since there are several proofs, thus it is needless.

I’m not an hater cuz i know y’all gon’ come for me. I’m just looking out for him cuz not all will be happy seeing him succeeds. I rlly hope one of his team members sees this and get this msg to him.”

“Damn this man is successful 2mil 4 shows,” wrote miralastcg544. that is crazy-making.

“He is truly the baddest,” derickesong9039 wrote.

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