Expensive LAFTA Rhythm Unplugged has never failed to impressed everyone that goes to see it and its even promises to be bigger this year with a very long list of Comedians

It came and went by so quickly, yet it was a weird and tough year for most people; however this june it’s time to change the motto; special shout out to MC FRYO for the #TurnDown2TurnUp campaign because this is the motive this Expensive Lafta With M.O.G.(Akpors)  It’s time to turn down stress, struggle & dead vibes and turn up, music, events and rocks! Let’s get gonging 2017 on a high.

I’m sure some of you must be trying to package the best possible rocks this holiday, you don’t want to dull by any means and in this regard I am glad to tell you that we here at Lagmen.net have got you covered. Now there are a ton of events going down this month, but we have handpicked a few that you should not miss by any means. even adults that are young at heart, sit back relax and fasten your seat belts.

Date: Sunday 25th  June 2017
Time: 3:00PM
Venue: Brainfield event center

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