South Korea to test all travelers entering from US for coronavirus

South Korea will strengthen measures for travelers from the US, extending the same requirement that previously only applied to travelers from Europe, the country’s Centers for Disease Control Director Jung Eun-kyeong announced on Sunday at a briefing.

From Monday midnight, everyone traveling from the US will be required to test for coronavirus within three days of entry.

Previously, travelers coming from the US were required to self-isolate but only test for coronavirus if symptomatic.

Director Jung said that the measure was taken because “as the ratio of positive cases among those entering from the US continues to rise, and the risk of community spread in the US continues to rise, we deem that the risk of infection of travelers from the US has risen.”

South Korea has 32 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus as of Sunday, of which 24 were imported. That brings the total number of cases to 10,512 and 214 deaths

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