Speaker Pelosi urges Democratic unity and need to “build consensus” within party

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent a new “Dear Colleague” letter to members of her caucus, and subtly pressing them to “be advocates for unity in the Democratic party.”

There have been signs of fractures between the various member groups within the caucus, highlighted in a contentious conference call between members shortly after the election that was made public.

“Our Caucus draws strength from the ongoing conversations that we continuously have to build consensus and ensure that the legislation we put forward is respectful of the thinking and values of all Members,” Pelosi wrote in the letter.

A defiant Pelosi said Friday that she doesn’t take responsibility for suffering losses in House races last week, while dismissing the notion that she would now have to compromise on her party’s agenda since she will preside over a slimmer majority in the next Congress.

House leadership elections are set to take place this week. Pelosi is expected to hold onto her position as speaker.


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