Speaking about her ‘adopted’ daughter, Phyna says, “I haven’t seen her since I left the house.”

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, also known as Phyna, who won the seventh season of BBNaija, has provided additional information about her daughter.
Phyna admitted that she hasn’t seen her child since she left the house during an interview on the E-Splash podcast.

One of the journalists questioned the self-described Hype Priestess about her child during the conversation.

The reality TV actress responded by saying that although she hasn’t seen her kid since she left the house, she is fine.

She continued by saying that the girl in issue is not her biological daughter but rather the child of her older cousin, whose wife passed away while she was expecting and who required an urgent cesarean delivery to deliver the child.

Phyna continued by saying that since she has been raising the kid since the girl was born, she may refer to her as her child.

They spoke in the following way:

How is your child doing, by the way? Your little girl?

My baby girl? Phyna She is with my aunt, and I haven’t seen her, but she’s OK. She is not really my child, o. She is the child of my older cousin, whose wife passed away before giving birth. Since then, I’ve been looking after her. Many people believe she’s my child, and she is. When I have more time, I want to bring her along.

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