The lockdown has lifted in Wuhan. Now thousands of people are leaving the city

After more than two months under lockdown, people in Wuhan can finally travel out of the city.

Today marks the official re-opening of outbound travel — inbound restrictions had already been eased. Trains and flights are resuming, except to and from the capital Beijing.

Outbound travel demand is likely to come from out-of-towners who have been stuck in Wuhan during lockdown, and the limited number of people traveling for business.

But to travel, people will still need to flash their all-important QR code on their phone. If it’s green, they’ve been assessed as healthy or low-risk, and they can leave the city.

Trains: Wuhan’s railway authority was quoted by state media Tuesday saying that they are expecting 55,000 passengers to leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday. Most travelers are bound for the Pearl River Delta region in southern China, a major manufacturing hub, according to pre-sale ticket figures. Railway authorities said they will maintain strict screening, disinfection and other health measures throughout stations and trains.

Flights: At least 54 flights were listed out of Wuhan Wednesday, according to local media Time Weekly. The capacity of these flights is reported to be around 10,000 passengers leaving Wuhan to 15 different destinations.

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