The Rivers Community Wants to Restore the Abandoned Seaport

The residents of the Abonnema village in Rivers State’s Akuku-Toru Local Government Area (LGA) have urged the federal government to reopen the community’s seaport, which was closed following the Civil War.

The natives of Abonnema claimed that this would support increased economic activity in the Kalabari area.

The request was made in conjunction with the 55th anniversary of Nigerian forces’ intervention to stop then-Biafran soldiers from evacuating them from their ancestral land.

The annual “Go To Niger” Day celebration, which is held on June 21st, represents freedom to the residents of Abonnema town in the Rivers West Senatorial District.

An annual football competition, a Thanksgiving meal, and the laying of wreaths to honor dead heroes mark the start of the occasion.

When discussing the importance of Go to Niger Day with Channels Television, the Paramount Ruler, Disreal Gbobo Bob-Manuel, Ekineye Gbobo II, and Owukori IX, made an appeal to everyone to keep Nigeria united.

Abonnema LGA Chairman, Rowland Charles Sekibo, and Victor Tulutu Briggs, among other prominent natives, urged the federal government to revive their seaport and develop the formerly thriving business center.

Because of its proximity to the sea, Abonnema, a riverine town, was one of the places where British colonialists conducted their trade.

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