Eniola Badmus Describes Her Unwavering Allegiance to President Tinubu

Eniola Badmus, a Nollwood actress, called Nigerian President Bola Tinubu a humanitarian and added that one of the main reasons she backed the former Lagos governor was because of his helpful personality.

The actress mentioned that Nigerians purchase fuel at the lowest prices in the globe during a recent Instagram live interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

The 40-year-old claims that many people are blaming Tinubu for the increase in petrol prices because they are unaware of what fuel subsidy actually entails.

I have never seen a philanthropist as outstanding as our present president; whether he knows you or not, as soon as he hears your problem, it’s fixed, and aside from supporting him (Tinubu), I believe in him. I have seen what he has done and what he plans to accomplish.

“Many of these people have no idea what gasoline subsidies are. We continue to purchase the cheapest petroleum available worldwide.

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