The token allocation date is postponed indefinitely by Tapswap

Tapswap, a popular tap-2-earn app powered by TON Blockchain, has announced that token allocation to players has been postponed indefinitely as officials search the best ways to reward tap-to-earn gamers.

Tapswap’s Head of Communications, John Robbin, made the announcement on an X space on Wednesday.

The app, which required users to repeatedly tap the icon in the center of the Telegram Tapswap bot screen to mine coins, has recently gained traction among Nigerians tapping their phone screens in search of financial gain, with over 50 million users since its launch on February 15, 2024.

The token launch has been postponed until July 1. The revised date will be communicated.

“We will distribute a big portion of the tokens to the community in order to keep the tappers. We want everyone to be a part of the tapswap community.

“We need a token airdrop that benefits everyone. We’ve started interacting with a number of exchanges and platforms,” Robbin stated.
The app’s communication director also stated that individuals who utilize the mechanism to farm taps and abuse the game would be banned after running checks with community members and requesting genuine tappers’ patience.

Speaking about the mining procedure, he stated, “Just open the app and press on it; you will receive shares. The more you tap and upgrade, the more shares you will receive after the tokens are finalized.
The more tokens you want, the more tapping you will have to do.

Regarding the booster option, which has already expired, the representative stated that there was nothing new, adding, “We have room exponentially faster than we imagined, and then to extend the game plan further, we offered a paid function to make their capital, but it was not required on the customers.

We implemented the limited x2 donation since the number of new users was increasing, and we required them to make something of it and receive a fair proportion at TGE.

“It was a platform that allowed people who had newly joined to compete against others who had begun earlier. It is no longer available for the time being, but we want to use the funds raised to develop the game in the future.

“It’s all up to our 25 employees, who work around the clock to keep the app running. “We want to stay here for a long time.”

He also encouraged people to continue using the tapping app because there is still time to earn a valuable token.

Remember that Nigerians, both young and old, have been constantly tapping on their phones, with some claiming to be waiting for tokens to be allocated to purchase cars and houses of their choice from the countless taps they have accumulated.

In a viral video, a Keke driver was seen tapping on his phone with one hand while guiding his moving car and transporting people.

Another viral video depicted numerous traders in Northern Nigeria aggressively tapping on their screens.

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