This reporter tested positive for coronavirus. Here’s what she wants you to know

Sarah Maslin Nir is a New York Times reporter who was covering the coronavirus pandemic before she tested positive herself.

“I was in bed for six days. Putting my phone to my ear, holding my hand up like that was exhausting,” she told CNN today.

She said the United States has less stringent guidelines on how long you have to quarantine after you test positive. In New York state, you can leave the house three days after your last symptom, Maslin Nir said.

“China requires two post symptomatic tests within 48 hours that show you have no coronavirus, and then 14 more days of quarantine. So I’m following China’s guidelines and still considering myself quarantined,” she said.

Now that she has recovered, she said she wants people to understand how easy it is to spread the virus. Even those who are asymptomatic infect about 2.2 other people on average, according to Maslin Nir.

“It’s not suicidal to go out into the world. It’s homicidal behavior. I truly believe that people should take incredible precautions,” she said.

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